What is a Brewquet®? 

A Brewquet® is our version of a flower bouquet with beer! We currently offer shipping for 6 craft beers to select locations (more locations coming soon!) and local delivery of our caddy with cans or bottles.  We also offer DIY Caddy Kits where you can add your own beer.

Is beer included?

We do offer 6 cans of Florida-brewed beer in our special occasion boxes. We also offer 6 bottles of domestic beer in our local delivery caddy bouquets. Beer is not included in our DIY kits or toppers.

What kind of beer is included?

We are currently focusing on craft beers from breweries in our home state of Florida. Due to the impacts of COVID-19 and pride in where we live, we want to support our local beer scene. Currently, we're able to offer beer from Big Storm, Big Top, Brew Bus, Coppertail, Florida Avenue, Green Bench, J Dubs, Three Daughters and many more. Our selection will vary and rotate through the breweries.

Will you be shipping cans or bottles?

We ship cans. Our current focus is on craft beer and a majority of those breweries only produce in can-form. Our Brewquet® Box is specially designed for shipping canned beer to prevent breakage during transit. At some point we may choose to ship bottles but there is a concern that they will arrive broken and impact the experience for the customer. Currently we are only offering bottle beer in local caddy bouquet deliveries.

Is it safe to ship beer?

There was a lot of time and effort spent on researching different shipping containers to ensure the beer arrives in one piece. We sourced the best of the best and chose Whale Pod Shipper (www.whalepodshipper.com) to custom design our boxes. No expense was spared to make sure you'll be satisfied with your purchase each and every time. 

Can I get a product with hard seltzer?

Stay tuned. That option is coming shortly.

Does someone need to be home for delivery?

Yes, for any Brewquet® product shipped with beer, a person over the age of 21 must be home to sign for the package. If someone is not around, UPS will try again the next day until they can catch you. UPS will make 3 delivery attempts before returning the product to us. At that point the order will be cancelled and and the price of the product, excluding shipping, will be refunded.  Non-beer products do not require a 21 or over signer and you do not need to be home to receive the package.

Do the flower toppers affect the beer?

We have both magnetic toppers for bottles and plastic toppers for cans. Both options can be easily removed and replaced without harming the beer packaging in any way.

When does my Brewquet® ship?

Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days. If an order is placed on a Friday, it most likely will not ship until Monday. Also note that during peak times (Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas), our shipment time could be 2-4 days. If you order on a holiday, we will ship the next business day.

Can I ship internationally?  

At this time, we are only shipping within the continental US. 

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our product being gift-oriented, we do not accept returns. However, your satisfaction is our goal and we will gladly replace your order if it is unsatisfactory in any way. Please email info@brewquets.com and we will respond promptly.

Can I get Brewquet® products on Amazon?

Yes, during certain times of the year we offer non-beer Brewquet® products via Amazon Prime. Just search Brewquet® during your visit to Amazon.com.

How are your products priced?

A lot of money goes into getting the products to your door. From manufacturing to shipping costs, each of these variables are factored into the price. For shipments with beer, the weight is quite high and we must purchase an "Adult Signature Requirement" with UPS (included in your shipping costs), thus it is not cheap to ship our product. 

Is Brewquet® trademarked?

Yes, we have a live registered mark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office under serial number 88125355.

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