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  We'll keep this brief, but it all started in 1993 in a middle school English class. Mike and I were classmates, little did he know at the time that I had a crush on him!  But life took us in different directions and to different schools and Mike even moved back to Seattle. Fast forward to 2001 on an average Monday night.  I was waiting tables at Chilis in Gainesville, Florida working my way through college. Go Gators! Mike was seated at one of my tables, we started chatting and recognized each other and have been inseparable ever since!  3 years later we were married and have been going strong the past 15 years.

  Over the years, we've celebrated lots of holidays together. Mike is very romantic and great at gift giving.  I sometimes struggled to come up with awesome gifts to give on holidays like Valentine's Day or anniversaries because like most guys, he's not really into flowers. He does love beer however, so I would go to local beer stores where you could customize a 6-pack and pick him out his favorites or some new beers to try. But for me that wasn't enough, I needed to find a way to make it cute and feel like a special gift. So I added flowers or other toppers and sometimes put them in a special caddy.  Over the years, Mike always looked forward to receiving his beer bouquet. (This photo is one of the first ones I made)

  From this idea, we both thought, "hey, other people would probably want this too!" and thus the Brewquet® was born. Today, we are based in Brandon, Florida and have two beautiful daughters. We're currently working on growing the Brewquet® brand and excited to launch our new beer shipments in 2021! Thanks for stopping by and supporting a small business!


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